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Vice Fashion - On Road

Dash it out.
Κείμενο Derrick Santini


Photographer Derrick Santini

Stylist Colin Martin

All models in this fashion shoot are members of the South Man Syndicate organisation, including some from the associated Peel Dem Crew (Poverty Driven Children). For those of you who don’t know, the South Man Sydicate is an organisation of mainly working class young black men and women from South London who make their living by any means necessary.


Whether it is through the black market, through fraud or through providing protection services, the SMS employs lots of young people who otherwise wouldn’t have any money at all, apart from government handouts.

These pictures were all shot ‘on road’ in Brixton, London.

Biggs wears t-Shirt by Ecko Unltd. Tracksuit pants and gloves by Nike, trainers model’s own.

From left to right: Natalie wears vest by Calvin Klein, Jeans by Belstaff, Corey wears jacket by D Bikkembergs, Polo shirt by Silas, jeans by Diesel. Natasha wears cap by Wale Adeyami, t-shirt by Rokit and tracksuit by Adidas, Amira wears t-shirt by Donnay, cut-off jeans by Levi’s and tights by Amaya Arzuaga.
“Every pretty girl round here knows about fraud. Bank jobs, mortgages.
A lot of guys in gangs know they need to get a pretty girl. The world is your oyster.” Left: Natalie wears jacket by Fred Perry, scar on neck by bottle.
Corey wears vest by Diesel, scars on shoulder by machete Right: Lucy wears vest by Calvin Klein, jeans by Pepe, trainers by Puma @ Size.
Blade wears jacket by Silas, vest by Jungle and trousers by Fred Perry

“I got the name Blade from certain incidents that have gone down on road, ya get me? I need tools to deal with the drama. Boy, there are a couple people walking around with scars right now. I didn’t really wanna be talking to some magazine ‘bout ‘I’m so gangsta’ but I’m sorry, that’s how I keep it blood.” Jacket by Blaak, tracksuit top by Ecko Unltd, vest by Jungle, jeans by G-Star.
Model wears t-shirt by Ecko Unltd, tracksuit and pants and gloves by Nike.
Trainers model’s own.
“ A shotty will cost you about £900 while a fully-automatic will cost you about a grand. I only carry them when I have to, like if someone troubles my family. It’s real in south. If you get caught slipping, you get shot. You better pop me now, shoot the fuck out of me now, because you don’t wanna see me again, because I’ll do it to you.” Sweatshirt by Duck & Cover, jeans by Levi’s, belt by Rokit. Tracksuit top by Reebok, tracksuit pants by Nike. Tracksuit top model’s own, jeans by Diesel