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Everybody Wants Gerlan Marcel's Slime

The idea of a green goop dress makes us think of vomit. But Gerlan Marcel, of Gerlan Jeans, manages to make gross garments like that insanely sexy.
Jamie Clifton
Κείμενο Jamie Clifton
London, GB

Photo by Geordie Wood courtesy of The FADER

We have to excuse Gerlan Jeans of the countless celebrity endorsements it has been garnering lately, because it isn't the fashion brand's fault that every famous hot female in the world wants to be wearing its kaleidoscopic clothes right now. The fanfare is probably because all those amazing kids you see having a better time than everybody else at any club worth its weight in MDMA are more often than not wearing Gerlan Jeans. The brand is special because it captures that out of this world bizarre thing while still being sexy. A perfect example is the brand's toxic slime dress. It looks like it's going to burn away all of the model's skin, while simultaneously making her the most fuckable person in the room.

All this is made even more impressive when you find out British-born Gerlan Marcel—the designer behind the brand—is based in New York, where every other fashion designer sticks to that standard, excruciatingly dull, pensioner fodder that Anna Wintour likes so much. Whatever. Oh, and Marcel also set up Prints Please, designers of prints for awesome people like Jeremy Scott and Patricia Field.

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