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The Prescription Drugs Issue

Diary Of Ocee

I found this diary one day while hiking around the trainyards of Jersey City...

I found this diary one day while hiking

around the trainyards of Jersey City, up in the hills near the highway. Me and my friend were scouting for good spots to do some graffiti so that the passing cars could get a look at our tags. Then we found this shopping cart and rolled it off the cliff. When I went down to explore the way the cart got mangled, this red book was just suddenly right there, next to my Nike. It is the personal account of one high school kid, Otis, and his adventures from February to August 1986.

Daily Reminder
Wilson Jones Company This is my litte diary
Whoever read this I hope your eyes fall out Girls I always wanted to have sex with and did
-Tijuana Ervin
-Theresa Simons
-Delores Mallard
-Shawnette Cottle
-Dawn Awer Wednesday January 1
Last night me, Ice, Wimp went over the city, tried to get in Bentleys. Messed with some girls. Wimp was scared. I throw-up on the train 3 times. Saturday January 4
The first day I got hired at Shop-rite. Degin Zalaski hired me and about a month later they fired him. Friday February 7
Today is my 34th day working at Shop-Rite. My raise is now $3.60 insteaded of $3.35. Now I should be pretty straight. Dean said if I didn’t get my raise today he would give the number to the union guy Mike D. Martino. Friday February 14
I came to Theresa’s homeroom & gave her her pink heart. She liked it. She brought me a box, heart, and a card. We was going to go to the movies but my money did not run right. So we canceled it. I ordered her 2 roses to her homeroom. I got a pink stuff animal, 3 roses, 5 boxes of candy and a card. Thursday February 20
Today about 3:30 about school Shay told me to come to her house. Then we got-in-a-little-something. I never known she can rock. She said the only time Wiz come around is when he want something. She fell for it for 6 months. She said I hurt her legs but I had nothing to say for the rest of that. Saturday February 22
I went around Theresa’s house and we had sex that day then I got to work at about 3:50 when I got there. I work very hard. Not much to say today. I always try to use rubber or some kind of protection. I don’t want her to get caught out. I think & feel that I upset my parents because they always looked up to me, now I upset them. I feel hurt and shame. Tuesday February 25
I was talking to Shay about tomorrow & everything is alright. Pop talked to me till about 2:00 about Delorese. She trying to put me in a hole that’s not me. Everyone said that’s someone named Rudell did it. I don’t know I like Shawnette but I like Theresa more. Shay is OK but Theresa buys me things & care for me. I don’t want to lose her. I couldn’t hardly sleep last night. Pops is the only one standing by my side, but Mom is upset. Wednesday February 26
Pop’s Birthday
2-time Shay
Happy Birthday Pop. We got out of school 1/2 hour early. So I went to Shay house. We had sex 4 time but she’s alright. She said she wasn’t pregnant by Wiz. She just did that to speak to me. She has a very nice house. She has a dog name Terry. We went to picker her brother Mike up from school. He’s about 5-6 years old. I was waiting for Eddie but he was sweating Bazz for his tab. So the phone rung it was Shay. We talked & I walked home. Me and Pop has to see the lawyer tomorrow at 4:00. Thursday February 27
Nothing exciting happen today. I went to the lawyer office & I got a lady. Office is $100.00 then $250 for every hour or 2. But they suppose take a blood-test. I’ll be glad because she can’t be shocked. Everybody in school know I go with Theresa & Shay at the same time. Friday February 28
Marvae just came around the school with her moms. Went to her house. She’s pregnant. I think it’s mine so they are not blowing it out of order. I told Pop. He was calm, now it’s just Mom. I hope she just don’t get mad or upset. But Marvae is nice. Her parents said she don’t want me to pay anything, just try to help if I can. They don’t if I even have a job. I suppose to call tomorrow so I’ll see what’s wrong. Later.
P.S. I’m still scared. Saturday March 1
I was suppose to got to Marvae house but I was busy. I found a case of Velament Breath Savers. Work was O.K. Shay way down there she went to the movies. She thinks I work but I don’t. This week is my week for 3 days. I hope Eddie punch my card. I still scared about court. Today was busy at work. All shopping carts were out. Wimp started cracking on Eddie. Eddie hit him. Sunday March 2
Tomorrow is the court. I looked at all the angels & that court is going to tape me up. I think I want to pleeb-bargan, not cause I, not guilty, cause if I say no & we take the blood test & I’m it, I’m in trouble plus it’s too much. Pop told me don’t have any fear but I can’t help it. I’m so scared I don’t have any fear but I can’t help it. I’m so scared I don’t know what to do. Theresa was here then she left at 6:25pm. Now I realized that people don’t actually care about me they’re just associates that’s all. No work Sun. Mon. Tue. Wed. 3 days this week. Monday March 3
We went there & her sister didn’t come early so we have to take blood test. She dropped her head when they asked her was I the father. Theresa came here & we talked till I took her home. She’s alright, it’s just sometimes she acts funny. Not really much to say. I didn’t got to school. I had the casual look on. It was kinda fresh. Tuesday March 4
I had to got to Uncle Rufus house to get Pop’s mail & brown bag. I’m going to write Shawn a letter. I want to get her tomorrow. Darin went to work, & tomorrow is Payday. Wednesday March 5
Today Theresa came around here. Me, Pop & Ice went to get a bed for Iris and Pip. Tammy (the girl downstairs) was behind me & she kept pulling my pants, so I felt her chest & butt & almost kissed her & she laugh. Shawnette came down the job with her aunt Bobbie. We talked & tomorrow we suppose to get into something. That’s what she says. Today at work was fast until about 6:00 pm then it was slow. I didn’t know Shawnette has her period 3 days only a month & Theresa’s is 5 days. That’s strange. I talk to Shawn’s aunt & she’s alright. -Ocee Monday March 10
After school I went to Shay’s house & we got into a little something. I wanted her to have my baby but she wanted it also, but we decided not to. So we are alright. She want me to stay out Thursday. I made her moan, groan. That makes me feel good. But it took me a long time to bust-a-nut. That’s good. I was talking to Val & I supposed to take her to Ice’s house to get paid. Tuesday March 11
Shay found out today that I had a baby but I denied it. She want me to come to her house. I bust a nut, I wanted to again but she had to pick up her brother. We talked some more so mostly everything is alright. Tarsha want me to come around her house but I can’t jump everytime a girl wants me. Shay shocked me, she said, “Ocee I want you.” I didn’t pause. I suppose to went to Theresa’s house but I had to go to my uncle house for Pop. Tomorrow I have to take a blood test for court. Wednesday March 12
I took a blood test, won’t know intil about a month. I seen Missy, I talked to her. Then I seen my ex Lisa Simmons. She said she’s coming to my job Friday about 3:30-4:00. Shay came to my job & asked me do I go with Theresa. I suppose to stay out with her tomorrow but I can’t seem to reach her. I only made $60.87, Pop took $50.00. Now I’m broke. Thursday March 13
Today is me and Theresa’s anniversary but we almost broke-up. She likes to get in he-say-she-say. That’s going to break us up. But I love her tho. Mrs. Kimble almost ratted me out but she said they don’t have no paper on me. Mom & Pop bought a new table, lamps, polestick, sneakers, etc. This weekend I suppose to spend with Theresa. Sunday March 16
Nothing special. Shay wanted me to come up but I didn’t. Lisa Simmons my ex came down. I walked her to the park and back to work. Mizike and Harold had a fight. I lost my keys but they was at my house on my bed when I got home. My father got on my case today. He said I haven’t made no accomplishments. I feel like a complete failure. I want to almost kill myself. It’s not hard I just wait till I have chemistry on Thursday. Transcribed by KID AMERICA