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Vice Fashion - The Tidbits Issue

Photos by Mark BarberStyling by Atip WananuruksJames Duncan: “This was bequeathed to me by St Kerrigan of Otara
Κείμενο Mark Barber

Photography: Mark Barber
Stylist: Atip Wananuruks
Hair & Makeup: Liz Bradley
Catering & chauffeur: Christopher Sharland

James Duncan

: “This was bequeathed to me by St Kerrigan of Otara, the Patron Saint of guitar pedals. On connection, fire and brimstone did bellow forth from its forsaken belly of capacitors and resistors, singing its sordid tale of harmonic treachery and deceit. Nine demonic volts coursing through its wires, forged in hell and the union is complete.”


James wears: Western shirt by Levis redloop, skinny tie by Workshop, cardigan and jeans by Insight 51, slip ons by Circa

Sarah Fox – Cobra Khan

: “Mmm kay. So this is a necklace of mine. I’ve had it for about a year. I have been collecting items with skull and skeleton motifs for years now and I saw this piece at a jewellery show. I couldn’t afford it at the time but never forgot about it because the style was so unusual and the skull face was so unique. Turns out the artist, Ilse Marie Erl, is the mother of a really good friend of mine, which added massively to its appeal. She was a bit of a punk back in the day and is one of the most interesting Mums I have ever met. My friend told me that the piece never sold and so I was in the enviable position of being able to buy it from her directly. I wear it nearly everyday. It is most definitely my good luck charm and I fucking love it.”

Sarah wears: Super tube jeans by Lee, check blouse and “dead martins” jacket by Miss Crabb, vintage boots from Fast & Loose, singlet model’s own

David Green – The Fanatics

: “This is a piece of Mammoth tusk. I had never heard of a Mammoth until a friendly Alaskan gave me this chip. We met on Bougainville Island in Papua New Guinea, which I guess is as far from the receding Alaskan glaciers as you get. Four-metre high mammoths roamed the earth a million years ago and as the animals became extinct, glacial deposits preserved the tusks. Looking into the million year old grains of this tusk I think about the world’s ever volatile and changing state and I also wonder if the large and juicy mammoth steak was any good.”


David wears: Cap by Element, t-shirt by November, jeans by Insight 51, adidas “altitude” highs from Loaded, Auckland

Gerald Philips – Phelps & Munro

: “Although she has no recollection of doing so, my mum bought me these acupressure wristbands some time ago.

They supposedly prevent motion sickness by jabbing the Nei-Kuan pressure point in the wrist. I have always suffered from motion sickness, I’m not sure why.

I gather it has something to do with the inner ear sending messages and the brain getting all flustered and confused. Whatever the reason, it has ruined my life. I can’t deal with shaky Handycam footage. I can’t sit backwards on the bus. I can’t even watch people play Grand Theft Auto without feeling nauseous. All in all, a pretty pathetic existence.”

Gerald wears: Hat by Goorin from Harlem 23 in Auckland, t shirt by Boxfresh, cardigan by Fred Perry from Area 51 in Auckland, jeans by Insight 51, sneakers by Dekline

Kylie Johnson – Kali Yuga

: “The reason I chose these two figurines is because they belonged to my friend Phili who passed away this year along with her partner Bryce and their daughter Mercedes. I always thought these were an odd thing for Phili to have until she told me they were the first present her sister ever gave her. I really love these little guys ‘cause they remind me of her.”

Kylie wears: T Shirt & belt by Illicit, Super Tube jeans by Lee, Air Force 1 low sneakers by Nike from The Loft in Auckland, watch by Nixon and jacket by Levis

Chris Knox

: “This little wooden foot was given to me by my partner, Barbara Ward, in the early 1980s while my band, Toy Love, was suffering from overwork and underappreciation in Sydney. In the very early days of our relationship, we were forced to share a small room with our (lovely) record company guy and times were tempestuous. This small gift was the first thing Barbara—a now well-established stone carver—ever sculpted and one of the few things I have kept from that time. I love the way she rubbed dirt into the sole.”

Chris wears; Sweater—available at Search and Destroy in NYC, pants by Stüssy