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'Kingdom' by Rochambeau

This video captures the essence of the warrior/hunter vibe that is present in Rochambeau's fall 2013 collection. It highlights every detail—from the embroidery of the lion on their crewnecks to the pony on their dusters.
VICE Staff
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We're big fans of Rochambeau, because their men's clothes are kind of fancy, but still have a rugged edge. When we see their gear, we imagine ourselves sipping an espresso with a wavy-haired mixed girl in a French-ass cafe one minute, and cracking a bottle over the head of a fuckboy for mispronouncing the brand's name the next. Phonetically speaking, that's "Ro-sham-bo," dirt bag. The word is the French term for rock-paper-scissors, or Eric Cartman for kicking someone in the nuts. Either way, the brand's right up our alley with the high-minded concepts behind its collections and the balance it strikes between being refined and ready for the street.


The Kingdom video above is a perfect representation of the brand's aesthetic. It was shot using garments from Rochambeau's stellar fall/winter 2013 collection, which we highlighted during the last fashion week this past spring. We hit up the brand's designers and founders, Joshua Cooper and Laurence Chandler, to get some insight on the collection and the Kingdom video they graciously let us premiere. Here's what they had to say:

"We worked closely with our family at All: Expanded to capture the essence of the warrior/hunter for our fall 2013 Rochambeau man. We shot it with a high speed Phantom camera to highlight the detail through out the collection—from the embroidery of the lion on the crewneck to the pony detailing on the duster. Movement and agility were dominant in the collections development and the film captures this."

So there it is. Rochambeau's fall/winter gear is hitting the shelves of fancy, prohibitively expensive stores that are nowhere near you. But don't fret, their shit is online, too. Do what you must to cop it, just don't hurt anybody. Also, check back with VICE on Sunday for pics and a review of their latest spring/summer 2014 collection, which is being presented during  Made Fashion Week in NYC.

Kingdom Credits:

Created by All: Expanded
Director: Duncan Winecoff
Cinematography by Stuart Winecoff and Jake Saner
Styling: Nicholas Grasa
Assistant: Marcus Harmon
Music: Alexander Dadras

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