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Space Crystals 2000

Space Crystals 2000 are from the northern Germany and manage to combine intensity and a tendency towards melancholy.
Κείμενο Sprague Hollander

Space Crystals 2000 are from the northern Germany and manage to combine intensity, a tendency towards melancholy, and a notion of idealistic art in both their lyrics as well as their Gothic / Dark Wave music. They feature female vocals with prominent guitars that strike a chord in the old school scene. The vocals are superb and enthralling and the guitar is rich and wispy, adhering to a very original style that keeps you comfortable enough to make party


Photographer: Sprague Hollander at The Office
AD: Donald Hearn
Styling: John Tan/ BOT75
Hair by Fred Van De Bunt for Artec Europe
Makeup by Yuko Mizuno
Models: Wai/ Wilhemina, Alice/ Next, Veza/ S

Left: Silver sequin poncho by Joseph Li; over-the-knee silver boots by Stephane Kelian; sunglasses by Selima Optique Middle: Black coat by Dirk Schonberger; black woven knee boots by Stephane Kelian; halter by Lomographic; terry cloth panty with studs by Chloe @ Le Corset; metal ball earrings by Agatha Right: Wrap dress, leather belt both by Dirk Schonberger; black 3-strap court shoe by Vivienne Westwood; silver earrings by Mimco @ Apropo

Black lace one-strap dress with plastic by Heatherette; black feather earring by Mimco @ Apropo, Distressed belt by Joseph Li, Diamonte skull ring by Vivienne Westwood

Black sequin dress by Joseph Li; hot pink shorty by Deborah Marquit @ Le Corset; black bead cross bracelet by Tom Massini @ Apropo; black hearts chains, metal ball earrings, and cross chain by Agatha

Red plaid harness, red plaid skirt with plaid sashes by 8; cream tissue jersey by Mark Kroeker; chain belt by Michael Spirito @ Exhibitionist; razor blade earring by Agatha; sunglasses by You Must Create @ Vice UK; “Baltar” short boots with buckle by Stephane Kelian

Guitar: Tie-up skull pattern shirt by Buddhist Punk @ Vice UK; hot pink shorty by Deborah Marquit @ Le Corset; pink woven scarf by Liz Collins; “Audran” red stretch high heel boot by Stephane Kelian; pink sequin earrings by Mimco @ Apropo Vocals: Tan argyle top and gold razor blade earring by Vivienne Westwood; black metallic lace stretch pant by Betsey Johnson Drums: Red bloodstain shirt with tie by David Brown @ Isa; denims by OKI-NI @ Vice UK