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The Conversations With Distinguished Gentlemen Issue

Hock Talk

Pawnshops are found in prime locations throughout Stockholm, but most have teensy, dreadful offices. We visited one of the larger chains, Pantbanken Sverige, and caught up with CEO Peter Sundström.
02 Ιούνιος 2009, 12:00am

Vice: How is this putrid little dumpster of an economy affecting what your clients are selling?

Peter Sundström:

The price of gold is rising, isn’t it?


What’s the oddest piece of gold you’ve come across?

And the weirdest item you’ve seen?

No pets.

So is your main business selling stuff that people can’t afford to keep?

Vice: Hi. Please explain how your shop works.

Daisy Esguerra:

Has the poor economy affected business?

How often do customers come in all bleary-eyed and upset that they have to part with something dear to them?

You’ve never been in a single argument?

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