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The Cobra Eclipse

It's time to party with light.
Κείμενο Liz Armstrong

How jazzed is your computer after you finally turn it off for like two minutes because it started acting up and you realized it’d been on far too long and really needed a clean-up and a rest? It comes back on all refreshed and ready to have fun again, an attitude renewed thanks to having closed all your programs and deleted a bunch of useless files sitting in the trash. This is kind of like what a lot of people think is in store for us on Sunday, as a full annular solar eclipse happens in direct alignment with the constellation Pleiades, and all while we’re in alignment with the known center of our entire galaxy (which has been happening for a while). Basically, for those who believe in this stuff, this means the earth’s energetic grid is getting a full-on reboot.


To understand why, I’m really sorry, but I’m gonna have to talk about the Mayans and their calendar for a minute. (It kind of sucks that a civilization so highly intelligent, creative, and mathematically advanced has become passé thanks to a bunch of white people getting hysterical over their “prophecies.” Now that we can’t do much to murder native tribes physically because a lot of them are dead, maybe we can be a little less violent and aggressive toward them intellectually? Cool.)

So, quickly, Mayan time worked in increments of 13, which corresponded to the 13 constellations they worshipped. One of them was what we call Pleiades, which the Mayans viewed more or less as a snake. Pleiades was crucial to the Mayans, as well as to other indigenous tribes around the world, as many of them believed this is the origin of the race we know as humans—at least the oldest ones of our kind. Aka, it wasn’t earth.

Numerous channelers have gotten in touch with entities from Pleiades, and they all receive more or less the same message: Let go of ego and fear, live through your heart, and get ready to party with light.

For some further insight, I contacted Amorah Quan Yin, who has an impressive resume when it comes to the Pleiadian work; according to her website she’s “channel for the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light, Sirian Archangelic League of the Light, Andromedan Emissaries of Light, Ascended Masters, Intergalactic Federation of Light, and others, and founder of Pleiadian Lightwork - Dolphin Star Temple.” She broke it down thusly:


“This solar eclipse occurring with a Pleiades conjunction is a very significant turning point. It signifies the next level of awakening to our inner truth as is inherent in our DNA as a product of Pleiadian heritage. The Pleiades is the source of all of our earliest elders here on Earth. Their blood was mixed with those of our other ancestors, from wherever they cam across the universe. The Pleiadians originally bred with these beings to plant the seed of the future potential of our awakening to Mastery and Christ consciousness. It is time for this to begin to reawaken now in its higher stages of enlightenment and ascension.”

If you’d like more of this kind of information, please go pick up one of her books. If you need that unpacked a little, I can help: We’ll be powered down as the moon eclipses the sun, temporarily all but blocking us from our main supply of energy, and then recharged through Pleiades, a potent source of outer space enlightenment. And whatever’s hanging out in the trash bin is getting deleted.

So Sunday is supposedly setting the stage for all this 2012 stuff people have been gearing up for since Daniel Pinchbeck created a new panic market for the urban survivalist movement. If you believe in this stuff—and those who do can always find a way to justify it, so go ahead and argue though no one’s guaranteeing any minds will change—it all starts really happening now.


People who like this stuff talk about consciousness hopping from third to fourth or fifth dimension, and honestly, I can’t suss out a legitimate or concrete definition of what that actually means, or which dimension we’re actually coming from or trying to get to. (Most accounts seem to prefer the fourth dimension.) All we know for sure is that across the board, people are talking about some sort of leap of awareness that happens by traveling through an interdimensional portal.

Which comes off as completely insane until you realize, hey, that sounds like what physicists in China just announced they discovered: how to teleport a quantum object over a significant distance. They do this not by physically dissolving an object, then rematerializing it, but by transporting its essence—which reports have even likened to “consciousness”— via light.

Entangled photons sharing information 97 kilometers apart isn’t likely quite the same as getting an entire upgrade on human consciousness via an eclipse, though it is interesting to think that maybe physics is peeling back the curtain and offering us a metaphor for what’s happening on Sunday.