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Day Jobs - Patrick Riley From Tennis

Living on a boat is a lot shittier than it sounds.
Κείμενο Kristen Yoonsoo Kim

There’s a well-known story behind Tennis and any band bio you find on them will probably mention it: a romanticized tale of how the two sold all their material possessions, bought a sailboat, and lived on the high seas (just check out this bio I found on Bowery Presents). It’s a lovely story and all, but I thought, "Hey it couldn’t have been thateasy. There’s definitely another story here." Jeez, this column is turning me into a nosy writer.

I sat down with Tennis’  hubby-half Patrick Riley to dig up some dirt on the unromantic side of living on a boat and the jobs they had to juggle to make that happen, which includes kicking religious screamo bands out of coffee shops.

NOISEY: Hey Patrick! Do you currently have a day job?
Patrick: No, but I think Tennis is more than a day job at this point. It’s like 80 hours a week. Even when we’re home, we’re constantly thinking about writing music or doing music business-type things.

You guys are married, right?
Yes we are.

What were you doing before Tennis then?
Directly before, I was working at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver doing installation work. It was a pretty cool job so it was actually hard to quit it and pursue music.

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