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NASA's Warp Drive

The space agency says faster-than-light travel might be possible. Emphasis on the "might."
Κείμενο Amy Teitel

There’s been a lot of buzz around in the Internets lately about the possible warp drive NASA scientists are working on. A warp drive isn’t, strictly speaking, a new idea; it’s been a staple of science fiction for ages, but it’s been relegated to the realm of fantasy because its practical application hinges on finding and exploiting loopholes in physics to move a spacecraft through manipulated space-time.


But now physicists are finding some potentially plausible science behind a potentially feasible warp drive. At least, Harold White of NASA’s Johnson Space Center thinks it’s plausible. White boldly announced at the 100 Year Starship symposium two months ago, a meeting centered on discussing the problems of interstellar flight, that faster than light travel might be possible. Emphasis on “might.”

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