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More Crunk Please

Metronomy is a guy called Joe Mount who, if we all hold hands and believe hard enough, could turn out to be Britain’s answer to that chubby guy from the DFA and LCD Soundsystem, James Murphy.
Κείμενο Theydon Bois

Photo by Russell Kleyn

Ladytron “Sugar”
Joe: This was the the first one I did and it only took a few hours. That’s because I got really into it and couldn’t be arsed to take a break or anything like that.

Sebastien Tellier “La Ritournelle”
A bit of a weird one. I ended up making it like some techno track. There was a lot of to-ing and fro-ing between me and the guy from the label. I sent him the remix and he’d go, “Yeah, yeah, it’s really good”, but then he kept saying, “Can you make it a bit more crunk?” And I was like, yeah whatever. I much prefer being left to my own devices otherwise you get someone telling you they want it “crunk”.

U2 “City Of Blinding Lights”
I’d heard some DFA stuff in a club somewhere and did a bit of a DFA-style thing here. I actually thought it was pretty good and I was imagining Bono listening to it nodding, going, “This young kid has taken a chance with our music. Let’s make him rich and famous.” But apparently it got as far as the marketing department where some guy was like, “Fuck off, no. Not going to even play it to them.”

Roots Manuva “Awfully Deep”
I made this one sound like Hall & Oates, an 80s funk thing. But Rodney [that’s Roots Manuva—Joe’s already on first-name terms with the stars] took away all the effects I put on the vocals. I still got paid.

Metronomy’s Pip Paine (Pay The £5000 You Owe) LP is out next month on Holiphonic Records. Check