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Toob's Newest Music Video Animates Mathematics

Get lost in this geometric feast from animators Mr Kaplin.
Κείμενο Kevin Holmes

The synthy sounds of Toob‘s track “Wavaphon” get a minimalist visual treatment in this music video by Mr Kaplin, which is full of simple geometric shapes that build up and are layered on top of one another. If these clean shapes remind you of scientific imagery and diagrams then you’ve got the right idea. The video explores the mathematics of motion, giving the hidden formulas that underpin the world and its interactions a visual embodiment.

As explained on their Vimeo page:

Albert Einstein is quoted to have said “It should be possible to explain the laws of physics to a barmaid.” This video is our attempt at creating a graphical representation of the mathematization of motion, showing only a small amount of the different formulas used to define the chaos within our universe.

You see kids, math is cool.

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