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Mexican Hardcore

If I were a porn star I would want to be like Catalina.
Κείμενο Miss Tasty

Photo (of sticker) by: Catalina | Sent from: Altadena, CA

If I were a porn star I would want to be like Catalina. She is the unadulterated, uninhibited, inimitable queen of raunch! I first discovered her last week when my boyfriend rented All About Anal, Vol. 12 and we just sat there repeating, “Oh my fucking God” again and again. Catalina makes every other porn star look like a lazy slut who’s just doing it for the money. She is to sex what the Komodo dragon is to a deer carcass: an insatiable glutton that won’t stop until she has gorged on every last morsel. She pukes, she distends, she pees, she goes into a vicious stupor, and she comes out of it all smiling. I know it’s a cliché to say, “She is genuinely into it,” but when you see her eyes roll back into her head and pre-puke drool fall out of her mouth after gagging on a penis you can’t help but think you are watching a girl who just got out of prison and has been junk sick for cock since the day she was born. “You have to know your limits,” says the Mexican-American while scratching the neck of her Chihuahua at a café in Los Angeles. “Personally, I don’t really have any. I just go for it.” I was smitten by her honesty. I have wanted to get into porn since I was thirteen but I never had the guts. Besides, most of the girls seemed half-assed about it and that’s not what sex is about for me. I’m the kind of girl who gives blowjobs with such enthusiasm it kind of freaks the guy out. Sometimes I think my idea of good sex would be too much for porn. It’s definitely too much for most of the guys I meet. “I know what you mean,” says Catalina when I confess how over-the-top I can get. “I was on that show Blind Date, and the guy just couldn’t handle me. I was heartbroken [laughs]. But seriously, I don’t have time for a boyfriend right now. I am 100 percent devoted to my career. I love fucking. I love the industry. I love stripping, posing for magazines, doing movies. Shit, I even love the plotlines!” In an era when a woman’s strength is defined by how little she needs sex I felt inspired by Catalina and wanted her to be my new mentor. “My advice to girls who want to get into the industry is to not take my advice,” she told me. “Only do it if you really want to do it. That’s the only way you’re going to have any fun.”