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The Gridiron Yip

Why the Super Bowl has us all going hyenas.
Derek Mead
Κείμενο Derek Mead
04 Φεβρουάριος 2012, 12:00am

With even my non-sporting friends chattering about buying hundreds of dollars worth of hot wings and making Xanax margaritas, I suppose it’s time to get ready for Super Bowl weekend. In terms of championship spectacles, the Super Bowl is unique in that it gets even the most sports-averse out to party, which I suppose is largely a factor of the fact that the whole enchilada is decided in one weekend day, rather than drawn out over seven games. People that don’t know or care what’s going on still have plenty of boozing and eating to cram into a five-hour stretch, and it’s not hard to know to cheer whenever one really large guy smashes the hell out of another really large guy.

Thinking about it all from a bio-nerd standpoint, it’s that last part that’s really intriguing. A friend mentioned it recently: The whole culture of sports, from playing to fandom, is filled with a whole hell of a lot of yelling and cheering. It’s not just at games, either. People wearing jerseys are yelling at each other on the street left and right, and I think the tattoo I have for São Paulo soccer team Corinthians has already paid itself off with beers loudly chucked at me from other fans.

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