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Giant Haystacks

If your band has a stupid name, you need to be able to justify it. So many bands just don't give a shit anymore.
Κείμενο Jaimie Smodgeson

Photo by Roberta Ridolfi

If your band has a stupid name, you need to be able to justify it. So many bands just don’t give a shit anymore. There’s nothing worse than a pointless group with a wacky moniker who, when asked about the origins of their zany handle, just shrug and mumble something about the bass player’s dad mentioning it once and it “just sticking”.

A great band name is a chance to engrave a piece of yourself in the footnotes of music history. If you can’t muster something that rolls off the tongue nicely, or doesn’t even relate to your music or any of the band’s members in any way whatsoever, then why bother? Whatever people say, names matter—a lot. Often it’s the first impression people will have of your earth-shattering creative vision, so care a little, and make it count. Lets Wrestle have a silly-sounding name, but at least they’re named after their favourite David Shrigley comic. In some weird way, this suits their ramshackle Malkmus-covering-The-Cribs indie-pop.


Vice: Do you get comic nerds trying to geek out with you all the time?

Wesley Patrick Gonzalez (vocals/guitar):

The last person who did that was Jehn from John & Jehn and I was pretty happy to talk to her about Shrigley. I wouldn’t call it geeking out, though. I’m not one to analyse comics heavily.

I’m starting a crusade against bands who don’t put enough thought into their names. How did yours come about? Be careful now…

Yeah, we went through many names on this soul-searching journey, such as The Biff Hitler Trio, Shammy Leather, Grip Right Swing Right and I Absolutely Must Do Colouring Now.

Wow, you sound like a laugh a minute. Will you join my crusade against callous musicians?

Mike Lightning (bass/vocals):

No thanks, we’re not crusaders.

Fine. I didn’t really want you involved anyway. Do you have any gripes with bands of the moment at all?


Not so much bands, more one band in particular: Turncoat.


Yeah, we played with them last night. They had comedy amounts of needless shiny amp stacks and racks of posh guitars, and they’re this tiny indie band with shit songs. We took great satisfaction that they had to support us, the band of amateurs.

Weird you should mention those guys. I went to school with them and they chucked my stoner mate Dom, who I did GSCE Maths re-take with, out of the band. I’ve had a problem with them ever since.


Oh yeah? Well we hate them. They’re shit.


Yeah, me too, what a bunch of wankers. Hey, we could be starting a legendary indie-minnow feud right here. This could be the new Vincent Vincent versus the Rumble Strips!


We can only hope and pray.


Lets Wrestle’s new EP “In Loving Memory Of…” is out now on Stolen.