Justin Wilkes

  • In Nasr City, a Demonstration Ends in Bloodshed

    Near the Rabaa Al-Adawiya Mosque in Cairo's Nasr City, hundreds of supporters of the deposed Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood party voiced their disbelief that the mechanisms of democracy that installed their leader were so...

  • The Muslim Brotherhood Calls for Friday of Rejection

    The Muslim Brotherhood has called for a “Friday of Rejection” demonstration, denouncing the coup and the mass arrests of its members. Many around the country fear that this will not be a peaceful protest and anticipate violence.

  • On the Ground in Cairo at the Muslim Brotherhood Headquarters

    Since Egypt's President Mohammed Morsi took office, the Egyptian economy has erupted, with the Egyptian pound valued at the lowest it’s ever been in history. Unemployment and incidents of sexual assault are on the rise. On the one-year anniversary of...