Ol' Curly

  • The Corporatization Of Drum Circles

    Tribal drum circles for businessmen.

  • Bring It On!

    Type “cheerleading” into your favorite file-sharing program and you’ll be bombarded by bad porn and quality megamixes.

  • Social Suicide

    Patrick Wolf is a special little boy on a special musical mission. He sings sweet songs and wears special clothes and plays magical homemade instruments and knows a lot about electronics and lives in a ramshackle little cottage down by the marsh's edge.

  • And Now For Something Completely Different

    Louie Austen's geriatric techno.

  • Get Fucked Then Fuck Shit The Fuck Up

    "I'm really fed up with all these people," says Nils Hess, the angry half of London tech-housers Get Fucked. He pauses before continuing, so for a second it seems like a sweeping indictment of everyone, everywhere. "All these people," he finally adds...

  • Again With The Broken Leg

    "Does anyone know where I can find a doctor?!" someone yells, pushing past a crowd of people and running upstairs. Darren from the Avalanches is sitting on a chair clutching his knee, looking mildly, though not overly, in pain. "Is it the same leg you...

  • Sound Of The Pirates

    Saturday night, February 24. A sweaty underground club in the UK heaves with an impatient crowd waiting for Kosheen, the live/vocal drum and bass act that, like every new talent, has been hailed as "the one that will save drum and bass." A quick scan...