Patrick Crotty

  • Back To Nature

    We used to think nudists were naked all the time. After talking to Ove Svensson, who maintains one of the many Scandinavian websites that lists nude beaches, and his friend Anna, we learnt that the only time they really strip down is when they go...

  • Why Girls Go To The Bathroom Together

    Mapei moved to Sweden when she was about 10 and ended up getting a total culture shock. Now she's stuck halfway between being a serious adult and a happy-go-lucky Sesame Street kid. The result has turned her into a rapping rainbow with a sound like a...

  • Live By The Pipe

    Bob Hund, also known as Bergman Rock, has been around forever and ever. And right now we've been hearing a lot of rumours about them, including that they've started playing live again, for the first time in years.

  • Kids in Toyland

    If your parents were hippies, chances are you were only allowed to play with stuff you built yourself, or found in the woods. But if you had at least one corporate kid in your class you'll know that there was some good shit out there too.

  • Hey Anime Fan!

    How much time did you spend on your costumes? Like eight hours?

  • Meat Whiplash

    My friend’s dad is a refugee from Uruguay, but since things got better there after the military dictatorship ended, it’s become totally OK to visit and hang out there again. The sweetest thing he remembers from back then are the meat parties that they...

  • Eat Shit

    There's this wacky guy, Baby Blonde (he's a Kiss fan btw), and he says he has tasted the four building blocks of nasty, Piss, Shit, Jizz, and Puke. He claims they really aren't as disgusting as you might think. I got inspired by his stupidity, and...