• Losing It on Alan Rickman’s Roof

    I can’t fathom any reason why she would have made out with me besides pity. I’m not exactly Don Draper when it comes to physical attractiveness. I don’t think I’m ugly, per se, but on bad days I have been told that I look like the monster from 'The...

  • Jeff Goldblum Is a Six-Foot Pianist

    Every Wednesday in Los Angeles, Jeff Goldblum plays jazz tunes for free. It sounds like a joke, but it's not. It probably isn't very LA cool of me, but when I saw that Dr. Ian Malcolm tickles the ivory right in my backyard, well, sorry, but my honky...

  • Off Hollywood - Denise Crosby

    Denise Crosby, the 'Star Trek' actor who made Tasha Yar legendary, continues to appear in films and on television as heroines in all sorts of universes. I met her recently at a Star Trek convention and, surprisingly, we hit it off. A month later I...

  • Old Men I Want to Have Filthy Sex With

    I feel like I should clarify: I don’t want to get nasty with any of these old fellas because they used to be hot when they were young, like the way moms want to blow Jack Nicholson. I want these guys in all their wrinkly, jowly old age.

  • UV Race Made a Movie

    The Blues Brothers, Desperate Teenage Lovedolls, Spice World. The band movie runs on a basic premise: songs and fun trump script and performance. The same rule applies to Autonomy and Deliberation, the debut film from UV Race and director Johann Rashid.

  • VICE Presents Your Guide to Movieland Homes

    Come with Sean Tejaratchi on a star-studded, surprisingly intimate tour of the most glamourous estates in Tinseltown!

  • Kids Flicks

    Darwin's Nightmare is a soul-shatteringly accurate documentary that depicts before your ralphing eyes the ways that people, cultures, civilization and the, um, Earth are ruined by the European Epicurean's taste for the giant (cannibalistic) Nile.