• A Comprehensive Guide to Cooking Meth on ‘Breaking Bad’

    As a chemist and someone interested in psychoactive drugs, I’m a huge fan of Breaking Bad. Although the clandestine chemistry always appeared accurate at first glance, I desired a more detailed critique of Walter White’s syntheses.

  • The Hangover News

    A bunch of people rioted in Paris this weekend, but you were probably too drunk to notice.

  • The Hangover News

    George Zimmerman was acquitted this weekend, but you were probably too outraged to believe it. Spontaneous protest marches against the verdict staged in a number of US cities were mostly peaceful, apart from pockets of violence in Oakland, California...

  • Postmodernism and Sumo Wrestlers: An Interview with Joseph McElroy

    Joseph McElroy is one of postmodernism’s major players, and at age 82, he's still kicking. His new book, Cannonball, tells the complicated story of an inexperienced photographer, who shoots government staged propaganda during the Iraq War...

  • Into the Weird — Alcoholism and American Flag Parachutes

    Legacies are different for those who die from a blackout suicide, drunk driving accident, or drunkenly consuming too many drugs. I’ve been jumping out of a plane every time I’ve used alcohol for sometime now, and my shoddy parachute has collapsed.

  • Shane Bugbee Searched for the Bad Side of America and Didn’t Find It

    Shane Bugbee has been pissing people off since the early 90s with his obscene zines and satanic pornos. Shane and his wife Amy's most recent book and movie is the result of a year spent living on the road. They set out to make a scathing indictment of...

  • Please Start Banning Books Again

    I kind of miss the idea of cultural lines that one can’t step over. One of my most memorable high school experiences was getting a permission slip signed by my parents so I could listen to an audiotape of Allen Ginsberg reading “America.”

  • Laos Is Still Under Attack from Its Secret War

    Every day, a team of 20 women wake up knowing the jobs they have to go to could get them blown to smithereens: unexploded American cluster bombs dropped during the secret war in Laos could detonate at any moment as they clear dangerous landmines from...

  • The Kentucky Derby... On Acid!

    We could barely catch a glimpse of the horses as they pounded past on the wet earth. She had this terrifyingly blank look on her face, and she said, “The ground was shaking underneath me... so this little courtyard here suddenly became the ocean, and I...

  • A Sweatshop of One's Own

    What if the crap-manufacturing industry collapses and all of the indentured servants the US employs there are no longer able to produce cheaply manufactured garments? What atrocities would Americans be forced to wear? To illustrate this predicament, I...

  • Colts and Fillies

    Photos and styling by Olivia Bee.

  • The World's American Dream

    For this American-themed Fashion Issue we thought it would be interesting to ask our international offices to get in touch with their countries’ most influential designers and fashion icons to see what they thought of our country’s fashion sense.