• Photos of Friday Night in Times Square

    The first in our new series about the depravity and beauty at the end of every week.

  • 'Class A - Baseball in the Middle of Everywhere,' an Excerpt

    Lucas Mann had dreams of becoming a big leaguer. Captain of his high school baseball team, Lucas could throw a decent fastball. But instead of going pro, he opted to get a taste of how the boys of summer roll by embedding with the Clinton, Iowa...

  • Hamilton Is a Paradise

    Hamilton, the land of Canada's finest confederate flag waving BBQ restaurant, is a veritable paradise. We sent our pal Kelly Nguyen out to photograph its numerous wonders.

  • Trip Report: I Went to Lit Sober

    The Lit Lounge, if you aren't from New York, is a leering black hole from which few memories escape intact. If the standard, workaday memory is already 50 percent confabulation, the average Lit memory is about eight frames of reality cobbled together...

  • A City Doesn't Suck Just Because You're Stupid

    Hey everyone, there’s a new viral blog post to get mad about! This particular rage-freakout du jour is wildly misogynistic and narrow-minded, and it makes a poor attempt to shit on all the women in Toronto. One complaint is that there are “too many...

  • I Don't Like the Internet, I Just Work for It

    In this first edition of his new column for us, Ryan O'Connell talks about the weirdness that comes with being a person who makes the internet on a daily basis.