• They Weren't Joking, North Korea Tested Another Nuclear Bomb

    While you were sleeping, North Korea was causing a small earthquake on the Korean peninsula. After a gradual buildup over the past few weeks that's seen domestic media in the socialist state saturated with missile-themed iconography, and timed just a...

  • From “Necrophilia” to the “Pain Olympics,” Google Knows What You Search For

    Google Trends allows you to figure out which country has searched for any given term the most. We put the tool to use and discovered which countries on this planet are most curious about necrophilia, weed, terrorism, and more. The results were...

  • Syria: Bombs Away

    President Bashar al-Assad and the remaining Syrian leaders want to invite your investment, commerce, and tourism as we say BOMBS AWAY to speculation and development in Syria—"A country exploding with opportunity... and bombs!!"

  • Watch This Hero

    When you first start listening to Preacher Phil Snider's speech on gay marriage, you'll probably want to duck out because he sounds like a hateful lunatic who thinks that gays and pedophiles are cut from the same cloth. But stick it out, it's worth it.

  • Body Bombs Are Blowing Up

    Terrorism, my ass.

  • God Hates Your Team

    If God's so into sports, granting athletes with all their talent, what's His problem with Seattle?