• Scrap or Die

    One sweltering afternoon in July, I found myself breaking and entering into a derelict warehouse on the east side of Cleveland. I was in the middle of a crash course in metal theft from a man named Jay Jackson.

  • 19th Century Libations

    Popular portrayals of liquor in the 19th century conjure images of whiskey bottles labeled with X’s and inebriated shootouts, but they overlook the more pervasive drinking problems that plagued America’s cities—and the working poor and immigrants who...

  • Swamp Angels and River Pirates: Welcome to 1850s Manhattan

    Descriptions of Manhattan from the 1850s seem to hover on the edge of myth and nightmare. The city is described as a squalid hell-hole in which gangs stalked the streets, perched on the rooftops, and made homes in the cities sewers. They weren't lying...

  • BBC America's Copper

    Watch a first look at BBC America's all new original series COPPER - from Academy Award® Winner Barry Levinson and Emmy® Award Winner Tom Fontana - coming this August only to BBC America.