• Crazy Glu

    You know that gay people recruit, right? Yeah, well, they do, and Girls Like Us Lesbian Quarterly is the perfect brochure for luring cool young women over to the dark side.

  • Hen Nights

    The Temple Bar area of Dublin city centre is where gangs of women from Britain and Ireland traditionally go to celebrate their hen nights. The hen nights involve dressing up in fancy costumes, getting very, very, very, very drunk, and flashing your...

  • The First Annual Story Awards - Action!

    This was in Florida in like 1983. It was me and a few fellow metalhead kids riding around, smoking weed, and blasting music. Kill ’Em All had just come out and we were going fucking crazy for it.

  • The First Annual Story Awards - Romance

    It was my birthday, and I was sitting at work. I always like to do something on my birthday-I hate birthday parties, but I like to do something else to spoil myself.

  • Vice Fashion - Cabby Cuffers

    People who get into taxis are usually drunk or high or running late and as such think it’s all about them. Keep in mind that the dude getting you to your destination has seen it all—more horrendous shit than you could likely imagine.

  • Life with Squirrels

    I had a pet guinea pig and a pet chinchilla and they both died within a year of each other.