• A Divided Egypt Battles with Fireworks, Rocks, and Guns

    The young man's face was covered in a flag made to serve as a bloody, makeshift shroud. His unconscious head bounced with the jog of the men who carried him. He was among hundreds hurt in Cairo on Friday, when tens of thousands of supporters of former...

  • This Egyptian Lingerie Salesman Is Now an Illegal Weapons Dealer

    Citizens in Egypt are arming themselves. The porous border with Libya combined with the looting of police stations during the revolution has flooded the country with illegal weapons. I sat down with a lingerie salesman turned arms dealer to learn more...

  • Cry-Baby of the Week

    This week: the school that suspended a kid for being a kid versus the farm that fired some people for being sensible.

  • Do Guns and Weed Mix?

    It's probably the last place you'd expect a shooting. But deep in the heart of Denver's largest 4/20 rally, shots rang out.

  • Cry-Baby of the Week

    This week: The Christian who hates video games versus the cop who loves McDonald's.

  • Apparently, Women Love 13-Year-Old Skaters Named Baby Scumbag

    Steven Fernandez, a.k.a. Baby Scumbag, is just a normal 13-year-old skater from a bad neighborhood in LA. A normal 13-year-old skater who’s sponsored by a bunch of companies, has 38,000 subscribers on Facebook and 140,000 followers on Instagram, and...

  • The Former Civil Rights Activist Who Created the Right to Bear Arms

    Don Kates is a Yale-educated lawyer who started his legal career fighting for civil rights in the South during the 1960s. A few years later, however, he ended up at the NRA, defending the Second Amendment and inspiring many of the gun rights mantras...

  • The VICE Podcast - Cody Wilson on 3D-Printed Guns

    So we’ve started a podcast series, and to kick it off, we had a chat with Cody Wilson, the founder of Defense Distributed and subject of the recent VICE documentary 'Click, Print, Gun.' “Gun control… is a fantasy,” Cody tells VICE’s Eddy Moretti, who...

  • Stories from the Making of Our HBO Show

    Our HBO show that you've probably heard about by now premieres tonight at 11 PM. We're thrilled, you're thrilled, everyone on the planet is thrilled about this. To get you even more excited, one of the show's hosts, Ryan Duffy, put together this...

  • The ATF Isn't Yet Convinced That 3D-Printed Guns Compare to the Real Thing

    I called the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to get a better idea for what it takes to make a gun "consistently reliable," and program manager George Semonick said the guns should be "made to last years or generations." In other...

  • Guns: The Cause of, and the Solution to, All of Life’s Problems

    Republicans believe that gun ownership is a Constitutionally protected right with a philosophical pedigree. They now also appear to think that the more guns people carry around, the better society will be, which is a different and weirder proposition.

  • What Does Obama Know About 3D-Printed Guns?

    It might not be this year, but working 3D-printing into the gun control debate will have to happen sooner or later.