• Meet the Lawyer Representing Osama bin Laden's Son-in-Law

    The term "polarizing figure" has become a lazy way to describe politicians, pundits, and media figures for essentially being very loud about mostly superficial things. But there are still a number of people around who fit the definition perfectly...

  • Gaza's Graveyards for The Living: Now Flooded with Sewage Water

    There are now at least 900 tunnels operating between Gaza and Egypt. That flourishing business is a distressing signal of Gaza’s economic isolation. To work in these tunnels is considered the most dangerous job in Gaza. It's known as “the trade of...

  • Let My People Go (Party)

    For as little as $110 per day, you can forget your worries about Hamas and Hezbollah coming to get you and live it up with, as Israel Under 30’s website says, "2,000 smoking hot Israeli girls partying on the shores of the magestic [sic] Red Sea."

  • Did Israel Assassinate Hamas' Chief Peace Negotiator?

    The target of the Israeli missile strike this Wednesday, November 14, was one of Israel’s closest allies within Hamas and he had just completed brokering a truce with Israel three hours before his murder.

  • Palestine Has a New Generation of Pissed Off Kids

    Gaza Youth Breaks Out isn't happy with anyone.