• Οι Θεούσες Ελληνίδες Μάνες Παραληρούν στo Ίντερνετ

    Βλέπουν τραγοπόδαρους στο κεφάλι της πεθεράς, δε βάζουν το παιδί στη θάλασσα αν είναι αβάπτιστο και θεωρούν ότι τα τσιπάκια είναι του διαβόλου. Η Χρυσή Μούτζα μαζεύει τα καλύτερα και τα σχολιάζει...

  • One-Night Stands

    Not one day passes that I don’t crave the open air of a strange and new place, wanting to find myself in inexplicable predicaments on foreign soil and barely escaping with my life.

  • It’s Little, But It’s Mean

    Irving Zisman is the sexually vigorous 86-year-old who serves as a role model for horndog octogenarians. He stars in Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa. He was kind enough to talk to me about the new movie and give me hope that as an old person I don...

  • Please Stop Believing

    I like to think of myself as an equal-opportunity offender, that all religions are just different sides of the same million-or-so-headed coin to me. The specifics of what ancient person has what magic power according to whatever secret text is simply a...

  • Hopelessness

    Bob Odenkirk breaks down the word "hopelessness" in this depressing-ass poem that should be handed out to college students on class registration day. Because with a degree in something like embroidery, you'll be spending the rest of your life wallowing...

  • Digital Superstars Summer Fest 2012

    Tupac at Coachella was just the beginning! This summer, the greats of hip-hop and history come to liz-ife! Onstage, the OGs of all-time.

  • Deaf Comedy Jam

    Deaf comedy hasn’t had a lot going for it ever since black people ran it into the ground in the 90s.

  • Third Ass From The Right

    Iraqis, after living for decades under an oppressive totalitarian regime in which one offhand remark could ensure a quick trip to the gallows, have mastered the art of the whispered political riff.

  • A Cartoon By Flannery O'connor

    Flannery O'Connor's short stories are really funny, but no one ever talks about that. It might be because the jokes aren't haw-haw jokes, or it might be because the humor is so dark that a lot of people don't have the taste for it.