• Οι Θεούσες Ελληνίδες Μάνες Παραληρούν στo Ίντερνετ

    Βλέπουν τραγοπόδαρους στο κεφάλι της πεθεράς, δε βάζουν το παιδί στη θάλασσα αν είναι αβάπτιστο και θεωρούν ότι τα τσιπάκια είναι του διαβόλου. Η Χρυσή Μούτζα μαζεύει τα καλύτερα και τα σχολιάζει...

  • One-Night Stands

    Not one day passes that I don’t crave the open air of a strange and new place, wanting to find myself in inexplicable predicaments on foreign soil and barely escaping with my life.

  • It’s Little, But It’s Mean

    Irving Zisman is the sexually vigorous 86-year-old who serves as a role model for horndog octogenarians. He stars in Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa. He was kind enough to talk to me about the new movie and give me hope that as an old person I don...

  • Please Stop Believing

    I like to think of myself as an equal-opportunity offender, that all religions are just different sides of the same million-or-so-headed coin to me. The specifics of what ancient person has what magic power according to whatever secret text is simply a...

  • Hopelessness

    Bob Odenkirk breaks down the word "hopelessness" in this depressing-ass poem that should be handed out to college students on class registration day. Because with a degree in something like embroidery, you'll be spending the rest of your life wallowing...

  • Digital Superstars Summer Fest 2012

    Tupac at Coachella was just the beginning! This summer, the greats of hip-hop and history come to liz-ife! Onstage, the OGs of all-time.

  • Jarble Jerble

    The ganef has the chutzpah to belt me in the face. He lays me back in my stunned state and tries to shove the pool net up my tukhus. I tighten my hole like it’s holding onto a hundred-dollar bill.

  • On the Illness

    William was a puker. His expulsions—the color, consistency, and volume of a baby's—occurred after every sentence he spoke.

  • Lights Out

    Bill Odenkirk wrote a poem to acknowledge the tragic demise of Thomas Kinkade.

  • Deaf Comedy Jam

    Deaf comedy hasn’t had a lot going for it ever since black people ran it into the ground in the 90s.

  • Third Ass From The Right

    Iraqis, after living for decades under an oppressive totalitarian regime in which one offhand remark could ensure a quick trip to the gallows, have mastered the art of the whispered political riff.

  • A Cartoon By Flannery O'connor

    Flannery O'Connor's short stories are really funny, but no one ever talks about that. It might be because the jokes aren't haw-haw jokes, or it might be because the humor is so dark that a lot of people don't have the taste for it.