Hurricane Sandy

  • Obedience School

    Have you ever tried to mop up the floodwaters of a squirter? FEMA and the Red Cross combined would be ill-equipped to handle the task; there just aren’t enough sandbags on earth to hold back those tides. Hurricane Sandy’s aftermath was nothing compared...

  • US Accountants Finally Realized Climate Change Is a “High Risk” to the Government's Fiscal Health

    Perhaps the unusually strong frankenstorm Sandy smashed into the East Coast, costing the government $50 billion to clean up, and something clicked—this must be what all those scientists and economists mean when they talk about the future costs of...

  • Taji's Mahal - Dr. Dave

    This week, Clayton Patterson brought us to the coolest doctor in town, Dr. David Ores. Dr. Dave isn't your normal MD. He wears a leather jacket and removes gang tattoos for free.

  • An Open Letter to My Parents, Who Still Don’t Believe I Survived Hurricane Sandy

    Dear Mom and Dad: Thank you for your continued concern about my wellbeing during and after Hurricane Sandy. To reiterate: I’m fine. You’ve got to stop calling to ask if I’m in the dark, in the cold, underwater, or dead. Please redirect your worry to...

  • Want to Help Hurricane Sandy Victims? Buy This Mishka T-Shirt

    Mishka is doing their part to help with the recovery from Hurricane Sandy's devastation by doing what they do best: making expensive T-shirts. Greg Rivera, who runs Mishka, is one of my favorite people so I asked him to tell me about it.

  • Sandy and the Broken Machine

    Global warming isn't a joke or a trick, it's the new future, a thousand miles wide and coming for us at a hundred miles an hour.

  • I Spoke to the Hurricane Sandy Meme Model

    The provocative mastermind is Brazilian-born Nana Gouvêa, who is very keen to let everyone who's been offended by the photos know that she is NOT modeling, just someone standing in choreographed poses in front of a camera.

  • We Spent Hurricane Sandy at Sotheby's

    Nimrod and Xavier went to Sotheby's right after Sandy hit to see how inelastic the demand for art can be in the middle of NYC's worst ever natural disaster.

  • LES in the Dark

    The city felt so pervasively absent that it seemed to defeat the idea of taking any kind of aim. Maybe a Manhattan without light in a sense already is photography? I tried to cooperate.

  • The Day the Running Stopped

    This past week in sports saw the New York Marathon appropriately cancelled in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the NBA regular season kicked off, baseball free agency started and some important college football games.

  • How Did Sandy Affect You?

    New Yorkers who were used to getting wine delivered to their doors, manicures at 3 AM, and never walking more than two blocks to get coffee suddenly couldn’t find bread at grocery stores, hot water to take showers, or even a cup of coffee.

  • That Bitch Sandy Took Away My Porn

    Like most people in New Jersey, I lost power Sunday night due to that historic bitch, Hurricane Sandy. After three days without the internet I now know what it's like to be stranded on a deserted island for years.