• The British Library's Wi-Fi Blocked Hamlet, But These 14 Classics Are Way More Violent

    Hamlet has a straight-up body count. There’s a murder before the play even begins. There’s a suicide, poisonings, stabbings, and a poisonous stabbing. But that's nothing. Even in the strictest, fustiest canon of literature, Hamlet's level of violence...

  • Conceptual Writing, Gender, Murder, and Bob Seger

    The big shithole that is the internet has become the ultimate fodder for manufacturing conceptual art. There has never been more information and more ways to generate, spread, and manipulate it, while the historical aura of the artist-as-presence...

  • The Miami Heat Reader

    Chris Bosh is considerate and thoughtful, interested in discussing the physics of a sentence, the use of dreams in creating plot, and irregular meter. For several years he kept a reading diary on LiveJournal under the username BigUpsBoshMane, which he...

  • ‘American Psycho’: Ten Years Later/Twenty Years Later

    'American Psycho' is (at least for now) the pinnacle of Bret Easton Ellis's art: the dark-hearted swansong of an era that sums up its subject matter with a perfect balance of breadth and incisiveness. Gross satire delivered with a hyperrealistic...

  • Please Start Banning Books Again

    I kind of miss the idea of cultural lines that one can’t step over. One of my most memorable high school experiences was getting a permission slip signed by my parents so I could listen to an audiotape of Allen Ginsberg reading “America.”

  • A JPEG Interview with Douglas Coupland

    Author Douglas Coupland is pretty tired of email interviews, and who can blame him? To keep things fresh, Nadja Sayej interviewed him with JPEGs of handwritten questions, and Douglas responded in kind.