• Miami Blues

    In some ways, the Miami Marlins are Florida—overleveraged, overbuilt, and cruising blithely towards foreclosure while being ruled by a clownish, childish, tone-deaf, permanent cadre of special-needs elites. Less metaphorically, they’re a fucking bummer.

  • Reason for the Season

    Hockey is still DOA, baseball postseason is a-rolling, the Nets played inside a casino and it wasn't on TV, Deron Williams allegedly wears a wig, and some NFL guy is a pillhead.

  • Baseball: America’s Racist Pastime

    Brandon Phillips got really pissed earlier this week when Pittsburgh Pirate Jared Hughes plunked him. Baseball players get “unintentionally” hit all the time, but Brandon got extra heated and alleged that Jared called him “boy” during the altercation.

  • Big Surprise - At WAR with SABR

    Right now the leading candidates for MVP in both the American League and National League make less than one million dollars… combined. Mike Trout is leading all of baseball with a WAR of +9.3 and Andrew McCutchen third at +6. What the fuck is WAR? It...

  • Improbable Trades That Could Save the 2012 Baseball Season

    Doesn’t it seem like the 2012 Major League Baseball season is one of the most boring in history? Here are some trades that could save it.

  • Arigato, Ichiro

    Ichiro Suzuki was special in Seattle in a way that few players are. By the numbers, it’s possible to argue he was overrated and not that good, but no number is ever going to convince me he wasn’t great.