• These Rappers Hate Ecstasy

    The hip-hop community’s embrace of molly has been striking, since historical stereotypes dictate that rappers are normally more interested in chilled-out drugs like cough syrup and weed. But one hip-hop group from Brooklyn called Stereo Marz is not...

  • Rick Ross: The Most Misinterpreted Man in Music

    You think when that John Keats guy wrote the poem "Ode to a Grecian Urn," he was describing an actual Grecian urn? No way. These are symbolic metaphors we're dealing with. That urn was probably his Greek grandma who was a good singer or something.

  • The Dutch Love Ecstasy So Much Their Dirt Is Toxic

    With its liberal stance on drugs, the Netherlands has been one of the top producers of ecstasy for the past decade. What isn’t going to make you want someone to touch your genitals is that, like all manufacturing, the by-products of illicit narcotics...

  • Would You Sleep with Your Drug Dealer?

    Sleeping with the dopeman seems like a good idea at first. He's got a job where makes a ton of money and he's a hit at parties and social gatherings. The down side is he doesn't know how to put a barrier between his home life and his work life.