Muslim brotherhood

  • Appalling Violence Ravaged Cairo Again This Weekend

    Bloodshed, tear gas, and plumes of acrid black smoke are never far from the streets of Cairo these days, and they returned this weekend as police fought with supporters of Egypt's ousted Islamist president, Mohamed Morsi.

  • Death, Peace, Power, or Jihad: What Is the Future of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood?

    After last Monday's verdict from the Cairo Court for Urgent Matters, the Egyptian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood is set to face a future that mirrors the majority of its past: once again becoming an illegal organization.

  • Revolutionary Youth Return to Streets in Cairo

    On Friday, the revolutionary youth returned, as the "Ahrar Movement" protesters, who rejected both the military rule and the Muslim Brotherhood. They called for a new system, one free from the Muslim Brotherhood, the Army, or the old Mubarak regime.

  • Interview With an American Shot and Arrested in Egypt

    This year an Egyptian-American named Mohamed Soltan left the United States to join protesters in Egypt who opposed the military coup that ousted Mohammed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood-backed and first democratically elected president. On Tuesday...

  • I Escaped Death in an Egyptian Police Van but Witnessed an Attempted Rape

    After being thrown on top of each other in a vehicle, I noticed that a young woman was also among us. As soon as we began to move the young man sitting across from her started trying to grab at her body. Randel and I, still handcuffed, protested loudly...

  • Notes from a Cairo Journalist Being Hounded by Spies and Thugs

    Four journalists have been shot dead in Egypt this week. Dozens of others have been arrested, and I myself—a relatively young reporter—have received death threats. I am now being followed.

  • Protests Continue in War-Torn Cairo

    The number of Muslim Brotherhood and pro-Morsi supporters dropped on Monday's protests in Giza, but it was only a couple of hours before altercations took place between the protesters and nearby pro-Army civilians.

  • Is Egypt Doomed to a Civil War?

    As the interim government try to wipe out the Muslim Brotherhood, the country is being pushed toward the abyss.

  • Anti-Coup Protesters Arrested in Cairo

    Scuffles and gunshots rang out in Ramses Sqaure Saturday as members of the Musiim Brotherhood wanted by police were turned over at the al Fatah mosque in central Cairo. VICE's Wail Gzoly, who has been covering the fighting on Cairo's streets closely...

  • Video from the Muslim Brotherhood's "Day of Anger"

    Thousands of supporters of deposed president Mohamed Morsi gathered in Cairo’s Ramses Square for noon prayers on Friday in what the Muslim Brotherhood called a "Day of Anger." VICE's Wail Gzoly sent us this video dispatch. Some of the footage is very...

  • Death Toll Rises on Egypt's "Day of Anger"

    A "Day of Anger" was called for by the Muslim Brotherhood today, in response to the murder of more than 600 Mohamed Morsi supporters on Wednesday. Cairo still remains engulfed in a sea of fire and violence.

  • VICE Speaks with Gigi Ibrahim About Violence in Egypt

    We video chatted with Gigi Ibrahim, a prominent activist in the Egyptian revolution, to try to make sense of everything that's been happening in the country.