• This Week in Balls - March 26

    Balls are on the tip of everyone's tongue this week as March Madness widdles down to the final four and Tim Tebow becomes a Jet.

  • This Week in Balls - March 19

    There are big balls to discuss this week. We look at March Madness upsets, Italians overrunning the NFL, and the Net's shiny new arena.

  • Olive the Hairless Cat Picks March Madness, Part 2

    Olive went 11-for-16 in her picks yesterday. Your bracket may be doing better, but that just means you are marginally better at picking games than a hairless cat is.

  • The Good Kind of Bad

    March Madness is not the sort of thing that can be reasoned with, or through. You fall into it, like a David Lynch movie, or a conversation, or a bad habit.

  • Olive the Hairless Cat Picks March Madness Winners, Part 1

    Some media outlets enlist entire staffs of college basketball experts and “bracketologists” to pick NCAA tournament games. We hired a hairless cat.

  • The Old College Try

    The NCAA Tournament is often terrible basketball, but even bad basketball is better than anything else when it is played by emotional teenagers from the boonies, chasing a futile dream.