• We Spoke to Innocent Men Who Were Stopped-and-Frisked

    Many people have talked about stop-and-frisk and the NYPD’s racial profiling, but we've heard little from those who have been unjustly stopped-and-frisked. We spoke to three innocent men who were stopped-and-frisked. These are their stories.

  • The Cops Should Always Be on Camera

    As a pilot program in Rialto, California, reveals, when cops film all their interactions with civilians and suspects, complaints against officers go down. So why aren't more departments around the country doing this?

  • Eric Holder Speaks Out Against Mandatory Minimums, Gives Us a Sliver of Hope

    Yesterday Attorney General Eric Holder announced that his office wouldn't be seeking mandatory minimums when it came to low-level drug offenders. It's a baby step on the long, long road to reducing the US's prison population.

  • Ray Kelly’s Path to Becoming America’s Big Brother

    Senator Chuck Schumer recently suggested that NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly take over the Department of Homeland Security. Immediately a chorus of agreement went up talking about Kelly's "experience" and "professionalism," but putting such an...

  • Who Protects New Yorkers from the NYPD?

    Nicholas Heyward is a haunted man. He is one of many New Yorkers who have lost loved ones to the police. The tragedy Heyward suffered has turned him into an activist. These days he spends much of his time calling for the Justice Department to review...

  • The Underachievers Talk About Stop-and-Frisk and Kimani Gray

    The Underachievers have managed to rise up out of their Brooklyn neighborhood of Flatbush. But it wasn't long ago that they were getting stopped and frisked by the cops, just like the other hundreds of thousands of black and Latino male New Yorkers. I...