Occupy Wall Street

  • What Do Occupy Protesters Think About Pepper Spray Cop Being Awarded $38,000?

    Former California campus cop John Pike has just been awarded $38,000 in workers compensation for "psychiatric injuries" he's experienced since he sprayed a bunch of peaceful college kids in the face with pepper spray back in 2011.

  • All I'm Saying Is, Give Violence a Chance

    This is not a call to violence, symbolic or otherwise, but the fact remains that there is no more effective way to seize the public screen. If we want to abandon all violence in today’s America, we must use the same tactics the corporate state wields...

  • Art Is Just as Powerful as Protest

    Getting people to care and want to learn about things that they don't see as directly impacting their lives can be difficult. Which is why I believe that wrapping points and ideas up in pretty or exciting packages is just as valid a tactic as...

  • Molly Crabapple’s 'SHELL GAME' Opens Tomorrow in NYC, You're Invited

    I've spent the last year making nine giant paintings about the rebellions of 2011: the Greek riots, Occupy Wall Street, Arab Spring… I interviewed dissident Tunisian bloggers, drank with Athenian anti-fascists, got arrested by the NYPD, and live...

  • The National Helped Elect Obama, but Don't Call Them a Political Band

    I read 27 interviews with the National to prepare for my time with them. There were six questions that every interviewer asked. If you want to know why Matt doesn't scream in his songs anymore, if they think they're a literary band, and what it's like...

  • Quiet Riot - Up All Night on Wall Street

    Protesters crammed into Zuccotti Park wrapping bandanas around their faces in preparation for the Big Showdown scheduled to happen Any Moment Now.