Off Hollywood

  • Off Hollywood - Joanna Cassidy

    Statuesque and confident, Joanna Cassidy has built a career out of playing highly competent women who are usually well-paid professionals, unmarried, and sometimes not human at all—as was the case when she played the replicant Zhora in Blade Runner...

  • Off Hollywood - Wendi McLendon-Covey

    The Slutty One from 'Reno 911' Has a New TV Show

  • Off Hollywood - LeVar Burton

    Born during the height of the civil rights movement, LeVar Burton made his name with the landmark 1977 miniseries Roots, and went on to play Geordi LaForge on Star Trek: The Next Generation and his own endearing self on Reading Rainbow...

  • Off Hollywood - Joshua John Miller

    By the time Joshua John Miller was 12 years old, he had established himself as an actor able to play dark and intense children who were often in trouble. Then in 1991, he decided to quit acting to pursue a career in writing. I spoke to him about his...

  • Off Hollywood - David Worth

    David Worth is a tough, blue-collar filmmaker whose work as both a cinematographer and director has helped boost the careers of some of Hollywood’s highest-caliber badasses like Clint Eastwood, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and Cynthia Rothrock. I sat him...

  • Off Hollywood - Denise Crosby

    Denise Crosby, the 'Star Trek' actor who made Tasha Yar legendary, continues to appear in films and on television as heroines in all sorts of universes. I met her recently at a Star Trek convention and, surprisingly, we hit it off. A month later I...

  • Off Hollywood - Jeanne Basone

    Not only did she wear fantastic outfits while smashing someone’s head against the turnbuckle in the ring, she put feminine stereotypes in a chokehold as well as Hollywood of Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.

  • Off Hollywood - Gabe Bartalos

    He invited me to his workshop, where horror and fine art collide—a place where Belial from "Basket Case" has been tossed in a closet next to prosthetic legs used in "Drawing Restraint." In other words, a paradise.

  • Off Hollywood - Steve Wang

    I was filed with new hope the minute I walked in the door of Steve Wang's practical effects workshop. No one was hunched over a computer, it reeked of epoxy, and people were working together on a number of elements with their bare hands. Steve is...

  • Off Hollywood - Sybil Danning

    The B-movie Queen has no problem wasting scum.

  • Off Hollywood - Angelyne

    "As a child, I wanted to save the world. My dream was to get the chance to sit on the President’s lap and be so cute and say, 'No more war.'"

  • Off Hollywood - Dan Curry

    "I studied daggers while in Laos. The dagger is a very poetic weapon."