... on acid!

  • The Kentucky Derby... On Acid!

    We could barely catch a glimpse of the horses as they pounded past on the wet earth. She had this terrifyingly blank look on her face, and she said, “The ground was shaking underneath me... so this little courtyard here suddenly became the ocean, and I...

  • New York Fashion Week... On Acid!

    This guy here is our buddy Tyler. And that white stuff on his tongue is partially chewed, acid-dosed Altoids mints. When that stuff kicks in, Tyler will mingle with and interview fashion's elite while tripping his face off.

  • Super Bowl Media Day… On Acid!

    As you may or may not know, tripping balls while in the middle of a gaggle of reporters shouting questions two inches away from your ears is the ninth circle of hell. On the other hand, I did get to talk to Artie Lange.

  • The Time I Was an Extra in a TV Commercial... On Acid!

    Sometimes it's OK to cancel work commitments if you've accidentally taken lots of drugs.

  • Druids... on Acid!

    An article about druids would normally be terrible. Fortunately, the "...On Acid" series lends new drama to lazy journalism.