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  • I Ruined a Tinder Date With Pot Cookies

    Time and time again, I’ve learned that dates do not get better when you introduce weed into the mix, but part of me still sees an unnecessary weed session as a litmus test for dates.

  • I Signed Up for the Ayn Rand Fan Club Dating Site

    The Atlasphere is the preeminent online dating site for people who love Ayn Rand and Objectivism. I went deep into their profiles in search of my own personal "Galt's Gulch," if you catch my drift.

  • Are You "Quirky" and "Interesting"? This Bullshit Dating Website Could Be for You!

    LoveFlutter uses bad science to make people feel insecure about themselves and essentially defines "interesting" as “a middle-class professional with conventional interests.” In other words, it's just what the world needs most: another crap dating...

  • Juggalos Are OK, Cupid

    OkCupid Juggalos is a Tumblr devoted to pointing and laughing at people who get panic attacks, work at McDonald's, run possum adoption agencies, and happen to be Insane Clown Posse fans. Why are people cool with it?

  • Sparkology Is for Yuppies Who Can't Get Laid

    Alex Furmansky founded Sparkology, a dating website for “young urban professionals” that requires members to either receive invites from members or to have a degree from an elite university. I didn’t know what a young urban professional is or why they...

  • Hey Internet Daters, Grow Some Balls

    I’ve never really understood dating. Occasionally, when I’m hormonal or between jobs, I’ll give it a shot—but generally speaking, I think being single is the fucking prize.