• A Poem Leads to a Life Sentence in Qatar

    The Arab Spring has faded from headlines, but that doesn't mean governments have ceased oppressing their people. Case in point: Mohammed al-Ajami was just sentenced to life in prison in Qatar after reading a poem aloud at his house to a group of...

  • Displaced Verse

    In Syria, controversial poet Mohamad Alaaedin Abdul Moulawas earned a reputation as a sort of Arabic Henry Miller. Mohamad now lives in Mexico. He fled Syria just before the Free Syrian Army and Assad’s forces decided to turn his country into a pile of...

  • VICE Mail

    Instead of replying to your letters this month, we are going to quote back to each person the parts of their letter that we would have zeroed in on had we bothered to reply. In other words, the words or phrases in which the writer truly reveals their...