• I’m Broke and It’s the Government’s Fault

    You might’ve heard that last week I filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Let me tell you from first-hand experience, the IRS are a bunch of thirsty piranhas. They bled me dry. And it’s my duty to warn you: It can happen to anyone.

  • Hobo Hunt Is Appalling

    Smug, rich people have found a new way to laugh at the poor.

  • How the One Percent Lives

    This past weekend I got tired of my apartment--the roaches, the rust around the bathtub, my sad pile of dirty laundry--and decided to go on the 12th annual Inside Tribeca Loft Tour.

  • Food Stamp Beer Reviews

    Up until recently I had always thought food stamps, aka electronic benefits, were strictly for people struggling to feed their families, the homeless, and ODB. I now know about 10 people off the top of my head who have EBT cards and are all under the...

  • Small Towns

    This issue was going to be called the Poor Issue. We looked at the numbers and found there were a lot of poor people in the north.