• Η Κυρία που Μαθαίνει τα Σκυλιά να Πηδάνε Ανθρώπους

    Η βιομηχανία της πορνείας εξελίσσεται με τους πιο απροσδόκητους τρόπους.

  • Danger Lurks Everywhere

    The street lamp is burned out, or maybe it’s just not there. A friendly face, gaunt with brown starlit eyes breaks the surface of shadows and smiles at me. I toggle down my window and pull to a stop. A tall Aztec shemale on long pointy heels. “Mister...

  • Fracking Gave Me Gonorrhea

    Trucks loaded with drilling equipment and chemicals are arriving in tumbleweed towns across America to start fracking. So are workers with an insatiable appetite for raw sex and hard drugs, who are bringing big city problems to small towns.

  • You Know What

    A girl in black stretchy pants and a translucent undershirt holds her thumb in the air. She’s a curly headed blonde, sinewy and angular. I pull to the curb and buzz down the window. She bends at the waist, hands on her knees, and checks me out...

  • Too Many Motherfuckin' Ugly People

    She’s tall and solid with a Halloween afro and a leopard print mini-dress. Her name is Supreme and she climbs into my Camaro and asks if I’m looking to party. I tell her as a matter of fact I’m looking to party hearty and what’s it gonna cost me for a...

  • The Whore On the Floor

    In a brothel in the back of a Tijuana bar I find a room with a checkerboard floor and dead-center double-bed that looks like it was designed by Stanley Kubrick. The whore standing outside of it smiles at me. “You want pussy?”

  • Sunset and Vine

    I see a streetwalker on the southwest corner in front of the Bank of America. She’s between 30 and 60 and looks at me like I’m just another creep. It’s late and there’s not much traffic. I pull to the curb and zip down the window but she keeps her...

  • Nowhere All Night Long

    She has a sand and cast-iron voice. Last night, she tells me, a big mean son of a b almost raped her. She knew she shouldn’t get into his car, she could feel his bad vibrations like she could smell his bad breath.

  • The Royal Portrait

    When I spot the strumpet I think she’s a he-she but then I see she has the kind of large overripe breasts shemales would die for. She’s older than most Hollywood whores and she walks like she’s wearing Versace on the red carpet. I pull to a stop and...

  • Another Dumpy Motel Room

    1988. I’m alone in the night, driving slowly, when a whore materializes from a thick puff of fog. I brake and flip on my wipers and park the Camaro under a streetlamp. The whore appears at my passenger-side door and fumbles with the handle. I unlock it...

  • Cries and Whispers in Obamastan

    In Cuba male prostitutes, 'pingueros,' have mixed in with gay people in Havana in growing numbers, numbers that correlate closely with the spread of private enterprise, income inequality, and foreign-made consumer goods.

  • On the Road with Tony Clifton

    Tony Clifton is a piece of performance art who has outlived his creator, legendary comic Andy Kaufman, by two decades. He's having a comeback of sorts, thanks at least in part to Jeremy Johnson, a filmmaker who has been working for Clifton—and his...