• I Punched Danzig in the Face: An Apology

    Dear Mandy, the fact that I had never heard of you or your semi-literate fan-fiction until you tweeted me doesn’t mean that I didn’t rip off your completely original and—apparently—copyrighted turn of phrase, “the man behind the fist."

  • I Punched Danzig in the Face

    There's an old video that you've probably seen where Danzig gets knocked the fuck out backstage after a show. Danny Marianinho is the man behind the fists that laid Glenn out on the cold linoleum, and now he's written a book about the troubles he's had...

  • How to Punch Out a Paparazzo

    Socking a pap isn’t that hard. You too can be immortalized for punching some guy trying to take a photo of you, just like Sean Penn, Kanye West, Quentin Tarantino, and Chris Martin, by following these five easy steps.

  • Tin & Ed

    Spice world.