san francisco

  • Halloween in a Satanic Household

    Statistically, crime rates rise on Halloween night, so you can imagine the kind of mayhem the HQ of the Church of Satan—a black house centered in one of San Francisco's most conservative, pastel-lined districts—invited upon itself.

  • Experience Jocko Weyland's Analog Cacophony

    Peoples of San Francisco: Friday evening Jocko Weyland, long-time rambler of the East and VICE contributor, is having an art opening at Ever Gold gallery. The show, Crackle, Hiss, and Scrawl, will feature more than 80 hours of Jocko's cassette...

  • Zen and the Art of Bicycle Maintenance

    On December 13, 1937, the Imperial Japanese Army stormed Nanking, the former capital of the Republic of China. In the six week period that followed, they killed an estimated 300,000 soldiers and civilians, including women and children, the latter in...

  • Alessandra Sanguinetti Photographs the Drama of the Countryside

    She Found the Meaning of Life on the Sprawling Plains of Argentina

  • Gay Geeks Unite Against Homophobia in Video Games

    GaymerX, the first-ever convention devoted to gay geeks, took place last weekend in San Francisco. I went there to support my brother (who organized the event) and to chat with attendees about why being a gay geek is so hard and what the video game...

  • Photographing San Francisco Punk with Ruby Ray

    Ruby Ray, whose photos were featured in the legendary zine Search and Destroy back in the 1970s, documented the disenfranchised punk world of San Francisco at exactly the right moment. Now, three and a half decades later, her photos are gaining...