• Emil Kozak's Terrifying Trips into Darkness

    Emil Kozak got the photos for his Big Black Nothing project by wandering through an unfamiliar dark place at night—he'd go as far as he could before getting too creeped out, then snap a picture before quickly returning to safety.

  • Torture Castle Part 2

    Come, kiddies. Take another ride on the Torture Castle. There are beautiful knives, gorgeous fire places, and apes wearing crowns. It's fun, free, and FULL OF DEATH.

  • What We Can Learn from the Uzbek and Tajik Conflict in Afghanistan

    If the world was wondering what Afghanistan might look like following the pullout of international forces in 2014, what happened on Saturday in the city of Taloqan could offer some insight. Ethnic Uzbeks and Tajiks fought in the streets with sticks and...

  • Watch This Eerily Erotic and Pretty Fucked-up 'American Ecstasy' Trailer

    There isn't too much information available about 'American Ecstasy,' besides the fucked-up and strangely sexy trailer. To glean a little—and I mean just a little—insight on what the new film is about, I hit director Jonathan Leder up for a chat on the...

  • The ATL Twins Would Like to Introduce You to the Li’l Twins

    The world has always been a really scary place, but it just got a little more terrifying now that we've been introduced to the Li’l Twins—the best buds of our favorite double-penetrating duo, the ATL Twins—in Matt Swinsky's twisted-ass video series...

  • I Was Tortured as a Bahraini Political Prisoner

    Bahraini journalist Ahmed Radhi was one of the 500 prisoners who were detained following the citizen uprising against Bahrain’s government that began in 2011. Ahmed told us about the supposed reasons for his detention and the poor conditions he faced...

  • A Catholic Hospital Is Arguing That a Fetus Is Not a Person

    Legally, the argument is sound. Colorado, the state, does not define a fetus as a person. But what kind of blatant hypocrisy would motivate a Catholic hospital to argue in court that only individuals born alive are people?

  • Killing Up Close

    William Wold seemed fine when he came home from Iraq. Wold had begged his mother to sign a parental-approval form when he wanted to join the Marines at 17, taking extra online classes to graduate a year early in order to do so. But after four years of...

  • Your Dog Is Full of Dirty Diseases

    Recent research has shown that sharing an ice cream cone with your dog or letting your cat nap on your face isn’t just unhygienic, it could kill you, shit-for-brains, so cut it out.

  • Make Sure You’re Alive to Collect

    It was Christmas of 1990 in my grandmother’s house. My Aunt Debra reached behind her and pulled a bullet from a box on a nearby bookshelf. She held it between her thumb and forefinger, looked at my mother, and said, “Janna, this has your name on it.”

  • Cowards Are Blackmailing Young Women to Death on the Internet

    The most despicable corners of the internet house a byzantine network devoted to sharing screen-captured images of naked—and often underage—girls. And quite a few of these individuals get off on manipulating, blackmailing, and shaming the young women...

  • Have Animals Declared War On Us?

    For millennia, humans have been wreaking havoc on animals. And now it appears that animals are striking back. So, I interviewed James Donahue, who believes the uptick in animal attacks is an omen to the "end of days."