• What Will 2012's Shittiest Movie Be?

    The competition is strong.

  • “The Faecalosaurus”

    John Moore’s first brush with notoriety came at a tender age as a drummer for the Jesus and Mary Chain. The story he contributed to this issue is all about fecal matter, and it has made his mother extremely proud.

  • Edrem Are French Shit, But Backwards

    Remember the things you drew when you were ten years old? The weird animals, the people with big noses, the goofy monsters, and copious dicks and turds?

  • Vice Comics

    "Shit the fuck up."

  • Oh Shit!

    We simply had to know if we could convince a few strangers to put on diapers and swallow a bunch of laxatives and have a contest to see who would shit first (or last).

  • Shintaro Kago Turns Shit Into Gold

    Millions of tons of manga, in all shapes, forms, and colors, have been flying out of Japan every day forever.

  • Vice Comics

    Romance Comics.

  • Vice Comics

    One Night in 1974

  • Vice Comics


  • Fucking Assholes #4

    I saw the gym Nazi again today. I smiled and waved hello as he jogged on the treadmill. It drove him to run faster. I giggled like a little girl.

  • Shit Disturber

    You have one of the most disgusting jobs I've ever heard of.

  • Assblaster

    You know when you have those shits where there's so much bile and drugs and booze in your system from the night before that your entire anus starts to fall out?