The Photo Issue 2006

  • Angela Boatwright

  • Dealing With It

    Amanda Marsalis is a big deal. She shoots folks you’ve heard of for the likes of GQ and Glamour then goes and hangs out with crack dealers and cheerleaders.

  • Brian Cassey


  • Maurice Mcdonald

    British soldier Greg McPherson, from Dundee, Scotland sits in his Warrior vehicle after hearing that two soldiers had been wounded nearby in a suicide bombing.

  • Ale Formenti

  • Gordon Moakes

    Photos taken by Bloc Party's Gordon Moakes on a U.S tour last year.

  • Todd Fisher

  • Boogie

  • Ryan Foerster

  • Andres Gonzalez

    These photos were taken at a Russian spa. The water in each of the bathtubs is called naftusya and supposedly has healing powers. It tastes like shit, but people drink it fanatically.

  • Ed Zipco

  • Marlene Marino