Tim Pool

  • Kim Dotcom: Ο Άντρας Πίσω από το Megaupload

    Μία επίσκεψη στο ανάκτορο του μεγιστάνα δημιουργού του Megaupload.

  • Live Streaming the Black Bloc Anarchists' Protest in Rio

    Since June, millions of activists have taken to the streets of Brazil to protest rising bus fares, the costs of hosting the 2014 World Cup, and Rio Governor Sérgio Cabral Filho. Today is Sete de Setembro, Brazil's independence day, and the black bloc...

  • More Live Stream Coverage of the São Paulo Protests

    For the past few weeks the bus-fare protests in Brazil have been raging. Last week, the government announced they would reduce fare to its original rate in an attempt to quell the outrage. The Free Pass movement held a meeting this past Sunday to...

  • Tim Pool Live Streaming from Istanbul

    Journalist Tim Pool is streaming live from Istanbul today where antigovernment protests have been ongoing since Friday, May 31. Prime Minister Erdogan has finally met with a delegation representing protestors, but also issued warnings that implied that...