• A Syrian Proxy War Is Being Fought in Tripoli

    Clashes between Bab al-Tabbaneh and Jabal Mohsen are nothing new, yet they have started clashing more regularly since the the uprising in neighboring Syria. This has only served to fuel speculation that what's going on in Tripoli is not just linked to...

  • Lebanon's Sunni Child Soldiers

    Child soldiers have long been a problem in Lebanon. During the civil war that ravaged the country for nearly 15 years, many kids were practically born with machine guns in their hands. But the conflict in Syria has caused the security situation in the...

  • Back Behind Bars with Gaddafi's Would-Be Assassin

    Twenty-six years ago, Azeddine Madani would have done anything to escape his cell in Tripoli's notorious Abu Salim prison, but right now he’s wrangling with armed guards in an effort to get back in. We’re here to attend a tribute to Abu Salim’s former...

  • People in Lebanon Are Killing Each Other Over Syria

    He said he saw the situation getting worse: “We have many injuries, many deaths and many bleeding wounds; 15 dead this month and 100 injuries. The fighters are young and don’t know why they're fighting. They see it as self-protection. They each see it...

  • I Had Tea With Gaddafi's Killer

    He shoved an assault rifle in my chest and threatened to kill me.