Volume 8 Τεύχος 3

  • Axe the Farm

    What's up with this Hoof-and-Mouth disease or Foot-and-Mouth or whatever you call it?

  • Dear Diary

    Thursday night I didn't do nothing and Friday night I went to the Belle River Jam, where four bands played, including Soldier, Drama, Stripes and The Look. I was having fun flirting with the Look band and I kissed every one of them but ended up right...

  • The VICE Guide to New York Graffiti

    New York's graffiti scene in 2001 is made up of some of the most reckless drug users in America.

  • Get Pissed Destroy

    Throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn there are hundreds of totally useless fire alarm boxes.

  • Vice Comics


  • People Of The Rock

    VICE: Is Oneida a hard rocking band from New York that gets wasted all the time?Papa Crazee: Oneida was a cult founded in 1840 by a strange man named John Humphrey Noyes (which when said repeatedly sounds like "Hump Free Noise") who was...

  • Pretty Ass, High Class

    Whoever said hip hop was an inner-city phenomenon was probably an inner-city crack addict. Rent a movie like Down South Hustlers and you'll see nothing but country rappers driving Impalas down dirt roads, pumping slow 808 beats and keeping it...

  • Adamsville To Pool Creek

    Prefuse 73 is on some other shit. Also known as Scott Herren, this schizophrenic hip hop producer concocts the kind of experimental electro-funk that makes your neck jerk. Live instrumentation and bizarre scratches are all over his debut full-length...

  • The VICE Guide to Outlaws & Food

    Outlaws can be a picky lot. Jesse James, a chili head, refused to rob the Lone Star Bank in McKinney, Texas because his favorite chili parlor was there. Billy the Kid was allergic to dairy products and the Sundance Kid wouldn't eat an egg unless it was...

  • Anything Goes

    After the success of the last original Player's Ball in Chicago, everyone was trying like hell to get one in his own hometown.

  • Girls Who Puke

    Working for Larry Flynt allows me to access all genres of porn, even bottom of the barrel shit like Girls Who Puke, which, although not even slightly erotic, holds a special place in my heart.

  • Safe To Dance

    The Gossip may have the same blues and roots music influences as The Rolling Stones, The MC5 and Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, but what they do with them is entirely new. In the hands of three barely post-pubescent Southern kids, blues-based rock gets...