• What Do Women Who Wear the Niqab Think of the Niqab Debate?

    It's a contentious debate, but whether it's non-Muslims telling everyone that it's fine to wear a niqab, Muslims telling everyone that it's not fine to wear a niqab or non-Muslims castigating their fellow non-Muslims for not castigating the niqab...

  • Spot the New Zealander

    In 1909, Lenin called New Zealand "A country of inveterate, backwoods, thick-headed, egotistic philistines" so it’s really no wonder Kiwis are always being mistaken for Australians.

  • When Is It OK to Kill?

    Yesterday, Ian Brady explained his murder of five children in the mid-60s as an "existentialist experience." Which seems like a big leap from reading Sartre's Nausea while staring out of windows, but I suppose that's how you get away with...

  • What Would You Get Tear Gassed for?

    "If they removed all the typefaces in the world except for Comic Sans."

  • How Would You Like to Evolve?

    So chickens used to have dicks. Who knew? Thinking about all the chickens out there who relish the idea of having a dick, but have been shafted by evolution made me ask myself, "What kind of ways would I like to evolve?" I then got bored of imagining...

  • Would You Pleasure Yourself Orally if You Were Flexible Enough?

    "It would scare me too much."